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  Duane Syx
Range Master/Lead Instructor

    I have loved shooting since a young age. I started off shooting BB and pellet rifles and progressed from there. I served in the Nebraska Army National Guard and shot on the pistol team for our company. I also served in the Air Force and had the chance to learn much about shooting during my military service. I have also competed in IDPA and USPSA for many years and am a Lifetime Member of the NRA. I have been teaching for over 15 years and am a NRA certified Instructor in many different disciplines. I am also a certified Arizona CCW instructor. I am an experienced shooter with pistols, rifles, shotguns and fully automatic guns.
    My father was career Army so I have lived in many different places but call Omaha my home. I have one daughter and two awesome grandsons. I look forward to teaching them how to shoot as I did with my daughter. Who happens to shoot a 1911 and makes me proud (Big Smile). My two favorite things to do are flying remote control helicopters and shooting. I look forward to helping you attain your shooting goals here at the Omaha Gun Club.


  Jeff Hoenshell

    I’m a Shooting Sport enthusiast. I started my education in the US Navy. Over the last few years I’ve upgraded my skills to an USCCA Instructor level of knowledge. I’m certified with USCCA and the State of Nebraska to teach and certify students and organizations for their State of Nebraska training. This training is required for you to obtain your Nebraska Concealed Carry permit (CCW).
    My education/certifications are ongoing by both the NRA and USCCA. I continue to receive training in and with the latest “Self/Home Defense and Gun Safety” approaches taught today! I’m a long time NRA (National Rifle Association) member. My commitment to you is, I will provide you with the knowledge you and your family, friends and colleagues require to practice good awareness and safety in the handling of firearms.


  Michael Melhus
    I am a Certified Tactical Pistol Operator, an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, State Patrol Certified CCW Instructor, and a Certified Distinguished Expert Marksman in three separate disciplines of Pistol. I have been a competitive pistol shooter, but my passion is training others in the use of the pistol for self defense. I enjoy taking people without formal handgun training and working with them to understand how to apply the principals of self defense effectively based on their level of skill and their available gear. I have been performing 1-on-1 training, security forces training, and everything in between for several years, and love working with shooters of all stripes. I live on an acreage north of Omaha with my wife and four daughters. I have a particular interest in gun safety because I live in a home with small children where guns are the norm. I look forward to working with you!



2828 S. 82nd Ave, Omaha, NE



Hours: 9AM - 9PM

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